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31 July 2009 @ 05:55 pm
Hello all. This is foodsex posting from her main LJ account, rofl.

I have been thinking it over. I really can't think of anything to present to this community that isn't already being done by other communities. I fail at thinking of new concepts and new things to post, every idea I have for posting content is just pic spams. There are plenty of other good places for you to get your media and image fix of Masuda. So with that, I've decided to leave, as I'm having too much frustrations trying to update this community and keep it active and fun.

I'm disappointed, but I also can't keep letting it get me frustrated. I am still planning on making a Massu fansite and I'm sure I'll post something about it at the NEWS comm or find other places to advertise. But I still have to get the ball rolling with it, I would like to have at least a little bit of contribution to the Massu fandom. I will also try my best to keep making icons too, and like before, I'll find ways to advertise them (since I mostly make Massu icons anyway.)

I appreciate all of you that stuck around even though this place is the epitome of dead. I'll leave up the links for image downloads that I have posted, and if the other mods can even see this, I'll leave it up to you what you want to do with this community, since it doesn't seem fair of me to delete it. It's not that I don't have the heart for this community, it's that I just can't keep letting myself get hung up on feeling like I can't contribute or do anything that's meaningful and beneficial to other members.

Thank you guys! ♥ My Massu fandom is still very alive and well, and I'm sure you'll see me around sometime trying to promote the fansite.
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03 July 2009 @ 07:04 pm


We all love you so much! I hope you have an awesome birthday, and a wonderful month in general with all your TegoMass releases and promotions :3

I do believe it is customary that I have a birthday post here of all places! I have hardly updated since his LAST birthday post. But, I'll try to make it up to it with this post and what I have planned for later ♥

Any love is welcome in this post, so comment if you wish! Also, hotfruits was kind enough to inform me of her dedication post as well (which is considerably more heavy in content than this one...) So you guys can all check it out here! (rofl I love that gif so much)

So, my way to show love, I've decided to upload 50 MASSU SHOP PHOTOS!. I wanted to post icons too, but my domain is being uncooperative right now, so that'll have to wait for another day. But, I went through my collection and picked 50 of my favorite shop photos; all from different time periods, and are all different quality and res because they are not my scans.

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17 June 2009 @ 01:31 pm
HI EVERYONE. 7 months later! ughhhh, my extreme guilt has finally gotten to me, and I've decided I really need to give a heads up on what's going on.

So, needless to say this community isn't exactly active. It never was in the first place, and a lot of ideas fell through for activities and things we could do. Also I'm coming to the realization that there are other Massu communities, some that are dead and some that essentially do the same things as us, and a few that even came after us and kind of took ideas I had.. But anyway, that's not the point.

I don't want this community to die! I don't contribute to fandom but Massu is still important to me and I like having a community for him, so I'm going to do my best to get this place back into shape.

I'm still going to post images. I liked doing the themes but I really need more people to participate. Also, even though there are other "daily" communities, not everyone posts the same thing so that helps a little. I'm also going to be posting graphics a bit more often, since I've decided to stop making icons, but I do feel compelled to make Massu graphics most of the time and I'll probably post them here. I can't translate. There is already a community with lots of video files, but if I see something I can share I'll try to do that as well.

If you guys have any ideas, I'd be more than happy to hear and consider them. You've been really patient, every time I check the profile and see there's still 170+ members it amazes me that you all stuck around, despite how dead it is here. I'm going to put up a new stylesheet/header when my summer break comes around in a few weeks. Hopefully by then I'll have more ideas. It's hard not to feel like we're in competition with other communities, but some are dead and others did get here first, so I have to make the most of it.